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Feuerwehrmann mit Kind am Arm
Safety through fire protection standards.

In the case of fire, textiles are extremely dangerous because they act like real fire accelerants. However, not only the fire itself, but also the highly toxic flue gases it produces, are a major hazard.

Legislators therefore set high fire safety requirements for the furnishing of public and semi-public buildings. According to the most common fire protection standards DIN 4102, DIN EN 13501-1 and NFP 92503 M1, textiles that are used for this purpose must be flame retardant. 



Technical guidelines of applicable fire safety standards guarantee safety when furnishing public and semi-public buildings.

Flame retardant - DIN 4102 B1:

Basically flammable products that are not allowed to continue burning by themselves after the source of fire has been removed. Textiles are classified in this fire protection class.

Unifies national standards.


Flame retardant building materials must meet at least class C s3 d2.



In addition to the well-known NFP 92503 M1 standard (France, Belgium, Luxembourg), other countries also have their own national fire safety standards.

  • Finishing on the textiles

  • Textiles can lose their flame retardant function over time

  • Frequent use, aging or washing increases their early wear and tear

  • Flame retardant properties due to organophosphorus compound permanently fixed in the fibre

  • Long-term fire protection

  • no decrease of flame retardant effect after frequent use / washing / aging

National technical approval (abZ)

Polyester fabric made of FLAMEX complies with German technical building regulations and is classified as a flame-retardant building material (material class DIN4102-B1) according to DIN 4102-1.

We have therefore implemented continuous quality controls of our chips, fibres and yarns to ensure that FLAMEX complies with the requirements of the national technical approval (abZ). Through external monitoring, the requirements are checked annually.

Fire tests

The fire behavior of our FLAMEX yarns is tested per lot


The B2 test with edge-flaming which is oriented to DIN 4102 is tested in form of a textile fabric. The duration is measured from the start of the flaming until the previously defined measuring mark is reached. When the measuring mark is not reached by the end oft he 20th second or the flame goes out before, the test is passed.

This means that the rating <<material complies with building material class B2>> can also be given. Along with this, it also deserves the rating <<material complies with building material class B1>>. 

Testing customer articles

To guarantee you even greater safety, we also test the fire behavior of your finished articles made from FLAMEX yarns.

For this purpose, we test approximately 3 linear meters of the fabric and do a fire test.

After a successful test, you will receive an approval which assures you that the fire protection standard DIN 4102 can be fulfilled. 

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