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The polyester yarn FLAMEXGREEN helps to make flame-retardant textiles more sustainable.

Instead of virgin polyester, FLAMEXGREEN uses at least 50% recycled PET bottles (post-consumer).

However, the flame-retardant properties and inherent fire protection are still guaranteed. This is because phosphorus-organic compounds are also firmly anchored in the fiber in FLAMEXGREEN, and therefore ensure lasting fire protection even with frequent use or aging.

Blätter einer Pflanze




Our latest polyester yarn FLAMEXGREEN  is made from recycled PET bottles and is also flame retardant.



REACH Conformity  

OEKOTEX-Standard 100, class 1

ISO 9001:2015

Global Recycled Standard (GRS)


Permanent flame protection

No reduction of the flame retardant effect

Good processing properties

Upcycling PET bottles can save crude oil, energy and CO2 during production, because it does not require the basic materials ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid, as well as energy to produce a new polyester granulate.

GRS certification guarantees traceability and compliance with social and environmental practices along the entire recycling product chain - from bottle recycling to finished yarn.

The fire behavior of FLAMEXGREEN is tested per yarn lot. This means that the rating <<material complies with building material class B2>> can also be given. Along with this, it also deserves the rating <<material complies with building material class B1>>. 

Quality controls of the semi-finished and finished products guarantee high product quality.


 Our engineers define a detailed production process and a product design in accordance with requirements for the manufacturing of the yarn.


Flame retardant textiles made of FLAMEXGREEN are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Also for strict safety requirements. 

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